Acoustic Guitar Repairs You Can Do Yourself

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Really Simple Acoustic Guitar Repairs You Can Do Yourself

When it comes to acoustic guitar repair, most people have no idea what they are looking at. Even those that have had a guitar for a very long time do not know what to do because of the fact that they just change the guitar when it is not playing properly. You can save a lot of money by simply knowing exactly how the really common acoustic guitar repairs are done.

There are various simple acoustic guitar repairs that we can all do. However, the first step is to accept the fact that a guitar requires proper maintenance. You need to keep it clean and to do all that you can to prevent damage. It is inevitable that you will end up with scratches or dents as time passes. The great news is that such acoustic guitar repair is not at all difficult to fix. You can do this without having to invest much money in such a process.

Fixing Dents

When you end up with a dent, it’s just quite normal to freak out because of the fact that you believe you have to invest a lot of money in the necessary acoustic guitar repair. Some people will tell you that you need wood filler but that is actually rarely the case. Don’t make things more complicated by overthinking the issue. The first thing that you have to see is how much dent appears. In most cases the wood filler is not necessary.

What really happens when a dent appears? Usually, the wood compacts and the secret to getting acoustic guitar repair in this case is to expand it. Just put some water on the dent. The wood will actually swell and then return to the original position or close to it. Better yet, use a steam. This works in 99% of cases.

Fixing Scratches

Just as with dents, scratches are also really easy to fix. What is interesting is the fact that you do not actually scratch the guitar. The damage appears at the level of the finish that is applied over the wood. All that has to be done is to conceal the scratch. After that your guitar will look normal. Clear nail polish is usually enough to do the trick. It will easily fill the scratch hole and improve the appearance of the finish.

Other Acoustic Guitar Repairs

It is obvious that you will end up with problems from time to time that are connected to the strings. Just use new strings and the problem is solved. This is not actually included in the list of acoustic guitar repairs. When you are faced with other problems like a broken head or something more serious, the only thing that you can do is go to a professional acoustic guitar repair shop. It is obvious that you will need to have extensive work done and you really want a professional to take care of it for you.

As a whole, most acoustic guitar repairs are easy. However, if you do not know exactly what has to be done, you should go to a repair shop!


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