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Common Classical Guitar Repair – Removing Buzz

There is a common misconception that classical guitar repairs are always costly and that they are complicated. That is actually rarely the case. It is completely true that in some cases there is no solution available but going to a professional classical guitar repair shop. However, when it comes to removing buzz, there is a really strong chance that you can take care of the problem at home.

There is no denying that string buzz is frustrating and annoying. It is true for both electric and classical guitars. In most cases the buzz stops us from playing and even the really expensive guitars will sometimes sound as if they are cheap because of buzzing strings. You should never get frustrated if this happens because there are steps that can be done in order to remove that buzz.

Classical Guitar Repair Tips – Eliminating String Buzz

In most cases the buzz appears because the setup is improper. One of the really easy classical guitar repairs that you can do at home is the setup and it is also one of the most important. You might have a neck that has too much relief or action might be low. After you know what is really wrong with the classical guitar, you can solve the problem. This basically means that you have to diagnose the actual problem and only then you can modify the setup.

Before attempting complicated classical guitar repairs, let us identify the problem. Does the string buzz when you play the open string and then stop when you fret it? In this case the problem is surely located at the level of the nut. The guitar nuts can wear down as time passes and such classical guitar repair is common. In some cases a nut replacement is necessary.

If you notice that the strings buzz as you play the first frets, you might be faced with a dressed fret need or you might have a neck that is not straight. Analyze the fret board side area and if it is not straight, you need to adjust truss rod in order to remove back bow or to offer some relief for the neck. It is really easy to adjust guitar truss rods and there are actually hundreds of tutorials available online. Check them out before going to a classical guitar repair shop.

The last common scenario is when the strings produce a buzz on absolutely every single fret. This usually means that the action is really low. In this case you might end up having to do a new guitar setup to fix the problem. The start should be done by straightening the guitar neck and then an adjustment of the nut and bridge can be done.

What To Do If This Does Not Work?

There are various classical guitar repairs that can be done if buzzing is the problem. In some cases you might need to go to professional repair shops but it is a really good approach to first see what you can do. This would save some money. However, never start classical guitar repairs if you do not know everything that has to be done.


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