Common Electric Guitar Repairs

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Common Electric Guitar Repairs – Fixing and Cleaning the Guitar’s Electronics

Some of the most common electric guitar repairs that are needed are connected with the electronic components like pots, switches and pickups. These elements are the ones that actually transform the guitar for it to offer the unique sound you love.

Every single electric guitar is different and the necessary electronics electric guitar repairs might be different. As a very simple example, the signature sound of Fender guitars comes from the single coil pickups and the 5-way switches. The Gibson guitars have a sound that appears from a 3-way selector, humbucker pickups and multiple tone knobs. We can say that the electronics offer the personality of the electric guitar and this is really important.

The problem is that there are many possible electric guitar repairs necessary and it is quite common to end up having to face crackle when the volume is turned down or up. The guitar can also end up being cut on stage and there is a huge chance that you were faced with a need to have electric guitar repair done at least once so far.

Why Does The Guitar Cut Out?

In most situations, there is a need to fix the wiring as there is a break that appears somewhere. During electric guitar repairs, the pots, pickups and switches are checked for this problem. If just one connection is broken, it is a guarantee that the sound will not come up. The really good news is that this is an electric guitar repair that can easily be performed.

The first thing that you have to do is to remove cavity covers. Plug the instrument into the amp and see when it will cut out. Wiggle the wires and listen to the sound that comes out. When you notice the cut, you see exactly where the problem appears and you can identify the break. Everyone will tell you that such an electric guitar repair is simple. You just need solder and a good soldering pencil.

What about the Crackle?

It is quite easy to have crackling pots. This is also one of the common electric guitar repairs that are necessary. The pots need internal contact in order to work properly. In most situations we are faced with dirt being stuck inside the pot and this disrupts outgoing signal and contact. As you spin the necessary knob, the dirt is shuffled inside and the crackling sound is noticed.

All that you need to do for this electric guitar repair is to remove the dirt inside the guitar pots. There are various products that will do just that and guarantee that the pot will work normally again.

Other electric guitar repairs will need a professional to fix them but these two above are really common and you can do them without any problems. It is not at all hard to fix most of the issues that appear but we are analyzing an electric guitar. Parts can get broken and replacements are necessary at times. Go to professional electric guitar repair shops whenever you do not know what to do.


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