Guitar Finish Repairs

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How to Handle Guitar Finish Repairs

When a guitar finish repair is necessary, most people do not even think about this possibility until it is too late. For instance, let us say that the guitar has a scratch. This is actually one of the easiest repairs that you can do when analyzing the finish of the instrument. If you do not take care of it, water can reach the wood and this can end up causing huge problems.

How to Solve the Common Guitar Finish Problems

There are various guitar finish repairs that you can do and some will see you having to go to a professional. It is important to understand the difference between these two possibilities. You can do the repair at home if you have the necessary tools and if you really know what you are doing. Try to look for tutorials on the Internet if you have doubts. In the event that you have doubts with the guitar finish repair, you will have to go to a professional.

  1. Understanding Scratches

We already talked about scratches and the problems that can appear. The good news is that this common guitar finish repair is incredibly simple. You just have to utilize clear nail polish and apply it over the scratch. After the nail polish dries, you can simply use something suitable to remove any extra while paying attention that the finish is not damaged again.

In the event that you have finish that is of a specific color and the clear nail polish is not a good option, you can find a nail polish that has the same color as the finish. However, the guitar finish repair is tougher in this case because it is really important that you find a polish that does not include ingredients that would damage wood. If that is not possible, go to a professional so that a new finish is applied on your guitar.

  1. Understanding Dents

Dents are also really easy guitar finish repairs. When a dent appears, the highly compacted wood in the guitar is pressed and there is a need to re-expand it. This can easily be done by adding a drop of water where the dent appeared. The wood would end up expanding. After the guitar looks well again, make sure that you apply the finish or that you use the method mentioned above.

  1. Understanding New Finishes

When there are too many scratches and/or dents, it is always better to go to a professional guitar finish repair shop. This is due to the fact that the repair that is necessary is quite big and has to be done properly. It is a shame to miss a scratch and this is quite common when the repairman does not have experience. You should take the guitar to a shop that would remove the current finish and then apply a new one. The process is easy in a guitar finish repair shop but it can be a real hassle when you do it at home alone. The good news is that this process does not cost a lot of money.


Guitar Finish Repair| Removing Scratches and Fixing Dents


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