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Common Guitar Neck Repairs – Taking Care of Twisted Guitar Necks

It is obvious that you need to have a guitar that is running perfectly if you want the song to come out well. Every single part of the guitar is important and this is true from strings to fret boards. Only when all parts work well you can get the sound you want.

Sometimes guitar neck repair is needed and most people think about this when they end up with twisted guitar necks. When such a situation appears, it is common that you end up with an irregular action along the instrument’s length. It is easy to see that you cannot play the guitar in this case.

What Can You Do When You Have Twisted Guitar Necks?

There are various guitar neck repairs that can be done in this case. In most situations a truss rod adjustment will correct convex or concave neck curvature. The twisted neck actually becomes a really big problem when you are using a cheap guitar. In this case it is quite common that you end up paying a lot more on the repair when compared with how much the guitar is worth.

Always consider the fact that proper storage will make you avoid many possible guitar neck repairs. It is really important that you store your instrument properly so that you do not end up with structural problem. Wood will always react when the weather changes. Never leave the guitar out in the open and have it exposed to extreme weather conditions. If the neck gets twisted because of environmental changes, you will never find a guitar neck repair shop that can help you as the damage is usually beyond repair. At the very least, it’s hard to bring it back to its original form.

Some people will suggest heating as a guitar neck repair. In theory, this can have the neck adjusted but this is one option that you should never take into account. It is impossible to have the guitar return to the regular baseline. Only minimum adjustments can be made through heating.

Guitar Neck Repairs That Few People Consider

If you recently bought the guitar and you end up with a twisted neck, you might actually take advantage of the warranty period. There are so many that do not even take this option into account. If you are lucky enough to still have an active warranty, make sure that you take advantage of this option! In the event that you can replace the entire neck, why not do that instead of looking for guitar neck repair?

It needs to be added that in most cases the twisted neck requires professional guitar neck repair. If you really want to do all that is possible to solve the problem, make sure that you talk to a professional that really knows what he is doing. It is better to go to someone that solved many different twisted necks in the past instead of relying on doing everything alone. You might end up having to go through really costly guitar neck repairs if you do everything yourself because extra damage can be caused by a lack of knowledge.

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